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Our Team


Joe Case

Co-Founder & CEO

Joe Case has been involved in the Healthcare industry for the last 15 years. In that time, he has been an Entrepreneur, CEO and President of Sales, involved in launching as well as overseeing several Healthcare organizations.


Prior to starting MLP, Joe was in the Regenerative Medicine space where he oversaw the launching and hyper-growth of a Stem Cell Company that soon became an industry leader. In his previous role as President of Sales for Castle Medical, a National Reference Lab in the Toxicology/UDT space, he was responsible for all aspects of sales and business development - rapidly expanding the company from the southeast and creating a national footprint.


Joe’s initial entry into the Healthcare space came while being the owner & founder of Avanta Development, an innovative organization that brought Business Solutions to Healthcare Clinics. Through Avanta, he founded (PCA) Pain Care Associates, a group of interventional Pain Management Centers that focused on Patient Outcomes as well as bringing Toxicology Testing in-house with a Physician Office Lab (POL) concept. He later went on to franchise the PCA concept and oversaw the National Sales Program, as well as the operational support for clinics in multiple states throughout the country.


Joe has an Accounting Degree from the University of North Carolina Charlotte, and a Six Sigma Black Belt Certification (Lean Manufacturing Principles) from his time with General Motors.

Joe Renzi has worked in the Medical Field for the past 25 years. Prior to starting Molecular Lab Partners in 2020, Joe Renzi served as the VP of Sales for Advanced Laboratory Services, where he developed a sales team to market traditional and boutique laboratory testing services.


Prior to Advanced Laboratory Services, Joe served as the Senior VP of Sales for Biomed Pharmaceuticals, a Specialty Pharmacy he helped launch in 2007, that provided specialty injectable and intravenous therapies (IVIG, Humira, Enbrel, etc.) to chronically ill patients until it was sold in 2013 (Now Soleo Health). Prior to Biomed, Joe held the position of National Product Manager for the Synagis® division of Ambulatory Pharmaceutical Services (Now US Bioservices). In addition to these roles, Joe has worked as a Regional Manager for Dentsply Endodontics, as well as Inter V Medical.


Joe Renzi

Co-Founder & COO


Matthew P. Parker Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Matthew received his Bachelor of Science (Molecular Bioscience) from the University of Kansas. At that time, his passion for science allowed him to excel in Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Microbiology. During that time, he also worked as a surgical technician in a privately owned oral/maxillofacial surgeon’s office, where he accumulated more than 4,160 hours in the operating room. After obtaining his undergraduate degree, he worked in academic research for a year before being accepted into the highly competitive Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences (IGPBS) at the University of Kansas Medical Center. After completing his core coursework, he joined the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and earned the second-highest entrance exam score in the department’s history. Once in the department, he specialized in biochemical and molecular diagnostic technologies. He utilized these techniques to investigate the mechanisms that regulate gene activation and repression. His dissertation focused on investigating gene regulatory mechanisms and developing new therapeutics for Sickle Cell Disease and certain kinds of β-thalassemias. After successfully defending his dissertation, he took a postdoctoral fellowship in the department with a collaborating principal investigator to continue his work. After his postdoctoral fellowship, he became a General Clinical Laboratory Supervisor with Molecular Lab Associates. In this role, he was initially tasked with building a fully accredited, high-complexity clinical laboratory from scratch. He accomplished this goal in just over a year and obtained full accreditation with zero remedial actions required. He then moved into his current role as Chief Science Officer and Technical Supervisor; in this role, he works with clients, upper management, and biotechnology companies to educate and implement molecular diagnostic techniques in clinical laboratories throughout the United States.

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